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FREEZE! GUYS ( 2016 )

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Release : 2016 (China)

SINOPSIS : “Freeze! Guys “is a modern realist style comedy suspense network big movie by dreams Pictures, MSI Imaging Media, Rui Yi Dorje, Wanda Sun Media, Hainan trip to Long Investment Co., Ltd. joint production, Ge Zheng, Lu Ye, Xu Cen son Yuwen Qiu, Du name starring Zhang Yishan, Qi Baoquan, Lu joined sketch portrait, director Fu Zien, “I sin” director Zhang Rui as a producer, the play contains gangs, suspense, comedy and many other popular elements. The story begins with the fall of the second generation of black East Ren father’s ashes will be made diamond ring to his men to fight Zhang, however, seventeen diamond accidentally eat dog, the dog ate the diamond has been stolen dog dealers. Zhang, good buddy into the money, dog owners seventeen three hapless East in autumn Jen threat embarked on a search dog’s embarrassing way.

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FREEZE! GUYS ( 2016 )

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Stars: Zheng Ge, Yuwen Qiu, Ye Lu

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